Head: Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage
Torso: '90 Pathfinder
Arms: '91 Super Sonic Fighter Falcon
Waist: Unknown
Legs: '85 Tele-Viper

In several of the Joe Special Missions Comics, a CIA liaison appeared and or accompanied the team on missions. I wanted to incorporate an element of that into my own line, fitting with the '87 - '89 assortments. He has been codenamed Spook, and though he is not officially a Joe member, he acts as a liaison between them and the intelligence community.

"Spook is one of those guys that wears his sun glasses no matter how dark it may be out. He often uses different accents, even in the same sentence, simply to confuse people. Ask him where he's from, what his family is like, or even what his hobbies are and you're guaranteed to get a different answer every time, and I'd bet a case of Yo-Joe Cola that none of it is true."

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