Torso: '89 Countdown
Arms: '86 BAT
Waist: '91 Snake Eyes
Legs: '91 Snake Eyes

Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert! Cobra has once again reared its ugly hood and a new breed of GI Joe specialist is all that stands between the evil terrorist organization and their renewed quest for world domination. A routine training mission is cut short, and squad leader Vanguard and his team of rawhides are thrust into battle against Cobra's newest and most dangerous operatives

With all new vehicles, figures and accessories GI Joe: Next Generation Warfare puts you in control of the battle. Collect them all and decide the fate of the world!

In filling out my Cobra line up for the NGW Line I wanted a mix of both troop builders like the RISK Vipers and Terra Vipers and individual characters like Overseer or Berzerker. One thing the original ARAH line would sometimes do is introduce a figure that could go either way. You could use it as an individual character or troop build it. Vapor and Decimator are a few examples that come to mind.
See Bio below:

The Nindroid is the most advanced robotic combatant Cobra has ever created. Using state of the art flexi-mesh armor, the Nindroid has the ability to move quickly and silently over any terrain and with the fluidity of a flowing river. The Brainwave patterns, including the martial arts abilities of Storm Shadow have been downloaded into its AI Processor which make the Nindroid one of the deadliest assassins on the planet. Though Storm Shadows sense of honor had been purposefully left out.
"Not only does the Nindroid have all of Storm Shadows moves, its AI is so advanced it can instantly identify the fight pattern of any opponent and knows just how to counter it. Plus, it doesn't slow down and never ever gives up. I'd rather try my chances against a half dozen Night Creepers than the Nindorid.

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