Head: Agent Coulson head shrink modified and painted by dbindy
Glasses: nova
Torso: Para-Viper with custom decals
Arms: Avengers Assemble Nick Fury
Hands: parts bin
Garage Dance-Fu gi: Killuminati
Legs: RoC Storm Shadow
Unofficial JoeCon Sneakers: RoC Storm Shadow
FU monkey: Aves
Tool box: balsa wood, felt, and toothpick
Computer: Chap Mei with custom decal
Podcast headset: BBi
Hellboy trade: Aves and decals
MTG cards: paper
Guitar: Alvin and the Chipmunks with 25th Snake Eyes pouch strap
Cowboy hat: Brick Warriors
Neckerchief: Marauder

The following custom is based on 100% real events, however the name has been changed to protect the innocent...or the not-so-innocent.

This has been in the works for over two years. I had a rough idea and then drbindy's JM70 head took it to a whole other level. After that I kind of went down a rabbit hole. One of the drawbacks of knowing someone so well is that there are always tiny details and accessories that fit the person. Having to eventually pack for Joe Con forced me to stop addng to it. There were a few more good ideas kilcarr came up with that had to be left on the workbench. Maybe for another day.

Originally my idea was to enter him the custom contest, but then I relaized it would be more fun to depict him as I see him, not in a single characteristic look, but in his full legendary status. From the horse masks (inconveniently left at home this time), to his guitar picks, to the FU monkey head, to the MTG decks and Hellboy comics, to the catch phrases (#Roll4Initiative, Challenge Accepted!, I got a rock), to the lucky toolbox, to the late nights that turn into early mornings, he's everywhere. He actually took most of these pics to text back to his wife. The custom made him cry and creeped her out. Mission Accomplished!

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