All parts - Cobra Soldier (custom-cast)

Backpack - Footloose
Carbine - Marauder Inc.

A few years ago I bought a lot of unpainted Black Major Cobra troopers. I used the opportunity to create a variety of Cobra troopers. Blue uniforms (the originals) are infantry, light grey uniforms are transportation (based on the Stinger Driver), and red are armor (based on the HISS Driver). White uniforms are aviation, green uniforms are rangers, black uniforms are shock troopers and purple uniforms are marines. Finally, brown uniforms, as seen here, are combat engineers. Unlike the other troopers, the Pioneer has a camouflage pattern on the uniform. I could say it was some kind of artistic choice, but here's the truth. I spray-painted the base colour on all these figures when I first got them, and only recently got around to finishing them. When I pulled out the brown parts, I found the spray paint was kind of splotchy in parts. Which means I could either repaint them, or do a camo pattern to cover the splotchy bits. So the Pioneers wear camo.

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