All parts - Cobra Officer (chest is reproduction)

Rifle - Cobra Officer (reproduction)

I've been doing a ton of Cobra Soldier customs recently, and figured the officers needed to be done as well. Now, there's not every much to do with the Cobra Officer, just a few details painted including the eyes. So this is really just a minor paint update. I don't find names like "Cobra Officer" or "Stinger Driver" to be very evocative, so I wanted to give each type of faceless Cobra from the early years of the line unique names, much like the -Vipers of later years. In naming these officers, I didn't want to just use regular military ranks. There's an archaic military rank called Subaltern, which used to be used for junior commissioned officers. Since Cobra Officers are grade O-4 according to their file cards, they're not junior officers, so Subaltern becomes Altern, which is a back-formation and sounds cool enough for me.

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