Head, hands, feet - Kraken (Action Force)
Arms - Beach Head v2
Torso - Tripwire v2
Waist - Topside
Legs - Tunnel Rat v4

Trident - Undertow

The 1980s Red Shadows produced some interesting villains. I did an ARAH-style Muton figure early on in my customizing career, and wanted to round out the roster. So this is Kraken. I had actually made an earlier attempt at a Kraken custom using a Star Wars figure, which has a good look but the lack of articulation sinks it as an ARAH custom. So this one gives the character the right articulation. I used the Tunnel Rat legs both because they allow the figure to have inhuman height, which is something I wanted to make him extra creepy, and because they're made of soft plastic which makes them very easy to cut down as needed. I added some black highlights on his face to try to make him seem a little more menacing, since his head sculpt is a bit derpy. Although you could see it as cold and dispassionate instead, I suppose. You can decide for yourself whether the black marking are natural colouration or war paint.

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