Head - Thunder. Torso - Airborne. Arms, Lower Torso, Legs - standard 1982-83 "Original 13" body

One of two figures I found while rummaging through some storage tubs in July 2018. Touched him up and came up with a new character profile:


File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: Special Ops, Recruitment
Birthplace: Classified

General Warbird helped found the original G.I. Joe Team, the one commanded by Joseph Colton. When the time came to develop a new G.I. Joe Team, around the time Cobra reared its ugly head, General Warbird was selected once again to round up the best soldiers for the job. He's served all over the world and been involved in some of the nastiest black ops imaginable. But that's often where you'll find the top personnel, and that's exactly what the G.I. Joe Team needs.

From General Hawk's Files: "General Warbird outranks me, but he leaves the day-to-day operations of the G.I. Joe Team up to me. He's in the Pentagon, making sure we have the personnel and materiel we need. He also does his best to make sure that anyone inclined to hinder us, harass us, or shut us down never gets the chance. He may no longer be in the prime of his youth, but he's got plenty of fire left inside, and he knows where a lot of bodies are buried - and he's not afraid to dig them up."

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