Head: Star Trek MegaConstrux with 25th Wild Bill helmet
Legs: Star Trek MegaConstrux with Call of Duty mech suit pilot thigh pad
Arms, torso, and waist: MegaConstrux WW2 pilot
Pistol holster: 50th General Hawk

Specialty: Multi-jurisdictional Law Enforcement
After Hoecake Atoms' disenbowelment from dissentary, Funskool suspected foulplay. Funskool reached out to the detective who solved the case of the missing drivers for them. They figured they could say his presence was needed for additional security. However, Super Cop told them he couldn't do the job effectivelt unless he was in the race getting to face the dangers head on. Luckily he is an expert pilot and has been in tons of police chases while hunting down bad guys.

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