Head, arms, torso - Black Major Python Patrol Trooper
Waist, legs - Red Laser Python Soldier

Rifle - Recoil (reproduction)
Backpack - Airborne (reproduction)

I had a couple of third-party Python Patrol figures which I wanted to use to expand the roster of the Python Patrol, since I've been working on customizing all the PP figures recently. This one's pretty much an LBC. I swapped around the parts from a couple of custom-made Python Patrol trooper figures, and then just repainted the eyes and added a few details on waist and legs. When the Python Patrol Vipers made their first appearance in the Marvel comics (issue #88), they referred to their uniforms as "Wraith suits", which is an absolutely awesome name, so in my world the Python Vipers are known as Cobra Wraiths, which then requires similarly-themed names for the other PP figures, and these are called Ghosts.

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