All parts - Python Officer

Rifle - Cobra Soldier (reproduction)
Backpack - Viper

The Python Patrol figures had a very interesting paint scheme, but tended to lack in detailed paint apps, other than the pattern. The Python Officer, for instance, even lacked eyebrows. So I added those to the figure, as well as painting a few other details, and used the figure as a trooper rather than an officer again. There aren't that many possible details to add to this figure unfortunately, so I added a backpack as well. They're not big changes but they make the figure look more complete, less half-assed. When the Python Patrol Vipers made their first appearance in the Marvel comics (issue #88), they referred to their uniforms as "Wraith suits", which is an absolutely awesome name, so in my world the Python Vipers are known as Cobra Wraiths, which then requires similarly-themed names for the other PP figures, and the troopers are called Ghouls.

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