Head, chest/back, legs (to boot edge): Star Wars- Princess Leia (Jabba's captive outfit)
Hair, gunbelt: 25A Scarlett
Arms: Star Wars- Princess Leia (Ewok Village outfit)
Hands: NS Lady Jaye
Boots: Indiana Jones- Russian Soldier


This is my second take on Natalie Poole. I did another back in 2011, using wiry SWCW parts to create an undercover version of the character. That custom was inspired by the GIJCC figure, though not in uniform. The custom's head was good, but the body was just too emaciated looking.

Keeping the short shorts and the tall boots of the 90's Action Man figure, but with a layered shirt instead of the bare midriff tank top.

Using a captive Leia body allows for the bare athletic legs. They lack articulation, but the flow of the lines isn't interrupted.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the original Natalie Poole figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The shirt over the chest/back is sculpted. The cuffs, pockets, seams, and wrinkles on the shorts are sculpted. The hands and feet were chopped off to accept the new ones. The Leia boots were chopped off, which also required light sanding of the boot edges that remained higher on the legs.

Thanks for looking.

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