Head, arms - Clutch v2
Torso - Scrap-Iron v3 (modified)
Waist - Sgt. Stalker v5
Legs - Crankcase

Helmet - Crankcase (accessory pack version, modified)
Backpack - Lifeline modified with parts from Dial-Tone and Tele-Viper backpacks
Pistol - unknown
Rifle - Snow Job v2

There's nothing particularly special about this custom, many ARAH customizers have done a version of Sparks at some point. And like many other Sparks customs before this one, I used the Scrap-Iron torso, but I removed the grenades. The head is Clutch with the beard removed and the chin shaved down quite a bit. To make this custom stand out a bit from the others, he has a custom communications backpack, built by adding parts from Dial-Tone's and Tele-Viper's packs to a base of Lifeline's.

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