Head - Croc Master
Arms, torso, waist - Hydro-Viper
Legs - Wet-Suit v3

Backpack - Techno-Viper (modified)
Underwater rifle - Heavy Water
Swim fins - Beach Head v15

I didn't really set out to do it on purpose, but I've done quite a number of Cobra diver customs in the past couple of years. So many that they clearly need a leader in their undersea operations. That's what led to the design of Hydra, Cobra's deadliest aquatic operative. He rose through the ranks of the organization, first as an Eel, then a Hydro-Viper before distinguishing himself and demanding a role with some authority. He's not the sort of guy you want to run into in the deep, dark water. The work on this one was mostly just finding the right parts and painting them, though I did have to drill some additional holes in the feet to fit the modern-style swim fins.

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