Head - Flash
Arms - Grunt (reproduction)
Torso - Cobra Trooper v2
Waist, legs - Clutch v2

Helmet - Breaker
Headset - Breaker (accessory pack version, modified)

Slick is the pilot of the HORNET utility helicopter, a custom designed to fill out the ranks of the 1982 Joes, given them some much-needed equipment. Since he would have been released before the second series of figures in 1983, he's made only from parts that were already available. His filecard information is below. I took the file name from the Dragonfly sticker, which in turn was based on the designer of the Dragonfly as I understand it.

File Name: Culbert, William C.
Service Branch: Army
Rank (Grade): WO1 (W-1)
Primary MOS: Rotary Wing Aviator
Secondary MOS: Aviation Maintenance Technician
Birthplace: Hopkinsville, KY

As a teenager, Slick was a daredevil pilot of radio-controlled helicopters, buzzing other enthusiasts and generally making a nuisance of himself. He joined the Army specifically to fly choppers, and was one of the original members of the 160th Aviation Battalion, sometimes known as the "Night Stalkers", a unit which specializes in low-altitude, high-speed night flying, an invaluable skill for a special operations unit. So when the G.I. Joe team came calling, Slick was ready to go.

Graduated: Aviation School, Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School, Warrant Officer Basic Coutse (Aviation), Green Platoon Course. Qualified Expert: M1911A1 pistol, M16 rifle. Qualified Pilot: MH-6 Little Bird, UH-1 Iroquois ("Huey"), CH-47 Chinook, XH-6 HORNET.

"I know a lot of guys like to grab some quick chow in the air, on the way to a mission. But with Slick at the stick you're not going to be eating - you'll be flying nap-of-the-earth (NOE) at a speed you seriously question the wisdom of. Slick gets you where you need to be when you need to be there, just with knuckles a little whiter than usual."

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