Head - Boss Fight Studio blank (modded)
Torso - Boss Fight Studio blank
Arms - G.I.Joe - ROC - Cobra Commander
Hands - Right (Boss Fight Studio blank)
Left ( G.I.Joe - Mutt)
Waist - Marvel Universe - Luke Cage
Legs - G.I.Joe - General Dollar - Gray Duke
Coat/Vest - X-Men Origins - Logan (modded with hood)
Belt - elastic band, Drednok buckle
Holster - vinyl and elastic bands
Gun - Mega blocks Destiny hand Canon
Knife/Sheath - G.I.Joe Firefly and elastic bands

This is one version of the main character in my sci-fi story "The Broken Hall".

Ash: Karael open logs

Karael: Aye Captain

Ash: We have lost trace of "The Black Horizon" pirate ship.
It seems as though it and it's crew have found a way to mask
their signal, oh well, next time Z, next time.
However, this trip may not have been a waist of time. I've
received Intel about a slave trader who may have what I've
been looking for.........

Griff: Captain, we're here.

Ash: Prepare the ship for docking Griff.
I may have finally found her...end logs.

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