Head: 50th Duke
Kneepads: POC Snake Eyes
Everything else: Marauder MTF

The non-action attack Valor vs Venom Duke was an excellent figure in its time. It had good sculpting and decent proportions. I prefer the green repaint. It is nostalgic for me as it was one of the very first figures that I bought in 2005 when I got back into Joes as an adult. I bought it loose online along with Valor vs Venom Stalker and a few others and, although it is dated by today's standards, it was a fun figure.

For my custom, I played around with several parts combos, but ended up using mostly Marauder MTF parts as these were better suited to replicate the original's look. I skipped the holsters on the sides of the chest. I tried to add them, but they interfered with the movement of the arms.

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