head; sgt slaughter v2
torso: Tiger force outback v1
Arms: sgt slaughter v2
Legs: Footloose v1

File Name: Classified Top Secret
SN: 817-76-981
Grade: E-7 (Sergeant)
Birthplace: Parris Island, South Carolina
Primary Specialty: Infantry/Drill Instructor
Secondary Specialty: Survival Trainer

All the Joes are super-tough and they've been through the roughest, most grueling training to become the most skillful specialists in the world. It takes a master of drill-training to wield stiff-necked tenderfoot Americans into the most stout and honorable positions in the Mobile Strike Force. That master and heavy-duty headman is none other than Sgt. Slaughter-the extremest in rough and tumble fun.

"Sgt. Slaughter thinks it's his personal mission to kick the butt of every boot in Pendleton. This guy can drill his trainees into the ground for 72 hours straight before he breaks a sweat. His favorite pastime is marching over the boys' backs while they do finger pushups in the mud, and spewing out brutal verbalities. He has been known to ride his tank through enemy fortresses rather than blow them up just because it's more fun. They say he eats nails and spits out dum-dum bullets. They say he cleans his teeth with barbed wire, brushes his hair with a rat-tail file and shaves with a blowtorch. Everything and everywhere is a battle field to Sgt. Slaughter."

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