All: Marauder MTF
Satchel: 25h Baroness

GI Joe came storming back to store shelves in 1997 with the Real American Hero Collection. The series was built mostly around returning classic characters like Duke, Snake Eyes and Scarlett, but also included a couple of new characters as well. One of these was Vypra. Although it seems like a contradiction to me, she was a vehicle driver while being a ninja. I suppose even ninjas need transportation to get to their missions.

I wanted to tweak her character for my custom version. Since her filecard primary military specialty is Intelligence, I imagine her as being an infiltrator, a covert mission specialist, a spy. She is superbly trained to fight hand-to-hand but if she is required to do so, her mission will probably end in failure, since that means that she has been found out.

With her new specialty, I picked parts that moved her away from the ninja look. I kept the general color pallet.

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