Long Arm

torso lower arms head - wetsuit
hands - arctic snake eyes
lower legs - para duke

helmet - wwe build a superstar riot helmet
collar - bottom half of cobra commander v1 helmet - upsidedown
vest - ninja armor snake eyes - backwards
shoulder pads - sigma strike duke
belt - gung ho - backwards
crotch plate - back skirt from v1 cobra commander
leg pads - inferno gauntlets
rifle - shockblast
bomb robot - renegades tunnel rat
shield - lockdown

I almost did this project using the convention set color scheme to avoid the orange, in the end I am really glad I stuck to the original, it has so much more personality this way.

Longarm approaches each device the same way a firefighter considers the structural conditions of a fire, where to vent air to snuff out or possible backblast routes are the forefront. His perspective gives insight into what type of threat they have ahead of them, is it a "over the counter" ordinance or a sloppy thing gleemed off the internet or something masterful?

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