Head: 1:18 modern He-Man head (maybe from Happy Meal?)
Body: Marvel Universe (Hercules most likely)
Harness/Girdle/Boot Tops: HACKS Orc
Shield: Schleich or Safari figurine
Sword: Custom metal cast by 2Dark2C

My EXCAL verse covers various timelines, and some of the prequel verses include Ancients and also Fantasy characters. Overall, EXCAL is my Joe-verse. It's the fictional realm within which all of my customs fit, all of which began with a few simple customs of G.I. Joe characters. The fun part has always been the ways in which characters from so many different genres can blend in together in this way.

I'm using He-Man more as a grown up version of Prince Adam, and less in a canon-type of way. I'm also taking him (and any characters I make with) out of Eternia as a sci-fi world of any form, and putting him into my Fantasy verse, within Conan's Hyborean Age.

Also, I've given him his father's Battle Lion over Battle Cat, partly to mix things up, partly to make use of what I have available.

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