body - v1 storm shadow
lower arms, legs, hands feet - v2 stormshadow
head - mego blue falcon
wings - toy biz x-men archangel
cowling and back pack detail - arah raptor
several beading jewelry silver feathers
hand claws - ninja paultrons from stormshadow
talon boots - ninja paultrons from stormshadow v2 removed center claw and glued middle 2 together into one

falcon - spirit billy

Raptor - Cobra CPA and Falconer

Raptor is notorious for his eccentric behavior that often borders on Bateman like from American Psycho, most of it is kept in tact with keeping him focused on his work for Cobra, in a time when expenditures for cobra included regularly feeding a frenzy of alligators that patrolled the catacombs under the terrordrome to increasingly outlandish and bizarre vehicles it was up to a man dressed as a bird to keep the books in the black, no longer having the financial backing of Extensive Enterprises or the sizable MARS industries resources. Raptor was unwilling to partner with the Dreadnoks to be the new source of income for Cobra. He bank rolled a disenchanted Juggler to run a snatch and grab modern-day highwaymen, heist and robbery operation. VENOM was born.

I had decided that many of the shirtless Cobras needed to get their act together

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