Head: ARAH Psyche-Out V1
Chest/back: ARAH Wetsuit V1
Arms: ARAH Tomax/Xamot V1 (armored arms)
Waist: ???
Legs: ARAH Torpedo V1


Jellyfish is an original character of a diver.


Using mostly parts from wetsuit figures, plus the Tomax/Xamot arms and the Psyche-Out head.

Sculpting & Modifiying:

All of the hair and hi-tech headphone kibble was removed from the head, which was resculpted as a wetsuit hood. The rivets were removed from the shoulder armor.

It's not very good, probably before I began using proper sculpting materials.

Colors & Paint:

The uniform is silver spray paint splattered with pine spray paint. It looks okay, but a clear coat over both the silver and the green would have tied them together better.

The painting on the face is really bad. Really bad.

Thanks for looking.

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