Head - Cross Hair
Arms, waist, legs - Free Fall
Torso - Windmill

Helmet - Star Wars

Every fighter jet needs a pilot, and since the Oktober Guard have a helicopter pilot in Daina but no fixed-wing pilot, when I did a custom fighter for them (the Zhar-Ptitsa or Firebird), a new character was needed to operate it. Ilyusha is that pilot. His code name refers obliquely to the fox, a prominent animal in Russian folk tales, which represents guile and cunning as it does in many cultures. So he's a crafty and slippery pilot, unpredictable and able to execute maneuvers at just the moment you don't expect.

File Name: Ivanovic, Elisei
Service Branch: VVS (Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily Rossii / Russian Air Force)
Rank (Grade): Major (O-3)
Primary MOS: Fighter Pilot
Secondary MOS: Intelligence Officer
Birthplace: Murom, URS

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