Head - Cross Hair
Arms, torso, waist, legs - Slip-Stream v2

Helmet, airmask - Ace v2

Silverbolt is the pilot of the Rapier, my Joe version of the F-22 Raptor. It was a very simple custom to make, being essentially Slip-Stream v2 with a new head. Here is his filecard information:

File Name: Adler, Michael C.
Birthplace: Paterson, NJ
Service Branch: Air Force
Rank (Grade): Capt (O-3)
Primary MOS: Fighter Pilot
Secondary MOS: Generalist Pilot

Silverbolt suffers from a fairly severe fear of heights. But rather than letting this keep him out of the air, he has instead developed an attitude of grim determination whenever he's flying. He refuses to let his phobia keep him grounded. And the Joe brass knows that when he is in command of a mission, responsible for the safety of his teammates, he never spares a thought for himself or his fears. He is focused on his team, and on the mission.

"He started out as a transport pilot, but his leadership and bravery in the face of his phobia ultimately pushed him towards fighter jets. Silverbolt can always be counted on to overcome his problems to do what needs to be done."

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