Head - Barrel Roll
Arms - Thunder
Torso - Snake Eyes v18
Waist, legs - Wild Weasel

Helmet - Marauder Inc.

The F-14 Tomcat is a Navy jet. No other US service branch ever operated it, in large part because it was designed specifically for use on an aircraft carrier. Now technically, the Skystriker is not an F-14, it's an XP-14F, which could be some Air Force variant of the airframe since it's clearly based on the same jet. But since the Joes have the USS Flagg, and since the Tomcat's airframe is so clearly built for aircraft carrier operations, it's a Navy plane in my Joeverse. Tomcats (the Skystriker included) are always two-seat aircraft, with the second occupied by the Radar Intercept Officer. Scope is therefore Ace's RIO.

File Name: Rivers, John C.
Service Branch: Navy
Rank (Grade): LTJG (O-2)
Primary MOS: Naval Flight Officer
Secondary MOS: Meteorology/Oceanography
Birthplace: Kingsland, AR

Scope never wanted to fly. When he joined the Navy straight out of college he was looking forward to a career in meteorology. But his real passion was country music, and he'll talk incessantly about the greatest musicians of the genre, as he sees them. One night in the officer's mess he ended up in a poker game with a certain Lieutenant Armbruster, and "Ace" found Scope's constant nattering to be a very useful distraction, cleaning up the table. Since then the two have been inseparable, and Ace insisted that the younger man become his flight officer. The rest is history.

"Scope is a great multi-tasker, manning the weapons systems, monitoring the radar and possible contacts, navigating and coordinating tactical efforts, all while providing a running commentary on the relative merits of Hank Snow versus Hank Williams."

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