Head Spirit
Arms Recondo
Torso Buzzer
Waist Toolbooth
Legs Airborne

Backpack v1 Gung ho
Gun Marauder inc

Renegade was the best tracker on the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Reservation in El Paso. As a teen Renegade was a hunting guide for one of the biggest hunting clubs in the city. Renegade joined the army right after 9/11 so he could use his skills to hunt down the people involved. With 3 tours of duty in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan Renegade figured it was time to get out and enjoy life. After being out of the military life for a year while on a day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico he was approached by Spirit and Dart of the Joe team about becoming a member. After that day Renegade became one of the team and has never looked back and has been apart of some really hairy missions!!!!

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