ReAction Alien head with HACKS knife handle
MegaConstrux Alien back tubes
HACKS skeleton torso and arms
Amazing Spider-Man Lizard hands
HACKS Bezerker Gorgon tail with ReAction Alien tail tip.

Stonefist's Temporal Log:
They say in space, no one can hear you bleed. I've bled enough for a thousand lifetimes and yet there are threats out here among the stars that would make the gods shudder. The Lunartix Empire and the Engineers are said to live in fear of certain creatures.

The Black Racer must have gotten aboard the vessel before we departed our sun dial river. It would have surly killed us in our sleep had it not fell victim to an even deadlier creature, one that uses the slain body as a nest for its young. There is a new beast and it is the hunter and we are its prey. It is smart, fast, and bleeds burning poison, but it does bleed.

Ever since BossFight released the Black Racer Gorgon and black skeleton I've wanted to make this custom. It just took me this long to put it all together. You see the Xenomorph alien adopts the traits of the host species. So if a face hugger ever got on a Gorgon, the offspring would have the partial snake body.

I'm not going to lie, adding that snake skull from the Gorgon whip handle to the Alien tongue made me giggle.

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