Head: HACKS Evil Skeleton
Body: MTF Agent suit
Hands: HACKS orange blank
Coat: Raginspoon cast of SDCC Destro
Tie chain: POtF2 Slave Leia
Helmet: Retaliation Ulitmate Flint
Hoverboard: gumball machine keychain
Chair: DC Pocket Super Heroes with monster truck key car undercarriage
Every flame accessory I have

One of the powers of the Ghost Rider is that anything can become a vehicle of vengeance for him. Artwork made the rounds of a business casual Ghost Rider on a segway and office chair right before Custom Celebration kicked off this year, when I'm juggling a ton of plates.

It turns out whenever I'm strapped for time, patience, and/or funds or supplies, that is exactly when I'm my own worst enabler. All it takes is an idea just stupid enough to work to push me over the edge. Since I knew this would need to be an LBC because of time constraints, how to do the wheels without using hot glue again was the question keeping me up at night. As soon as the thought of using butterscotch Life Savers hit me, I knew I was doing this. I ended up using every flame effect I have along with camera angles to hide how they weren't connected. Trying to balance flame effects on a hoverboard that was being balanced by the wall and balanced weight distribution of the free standing figure may be the stupidest thing I've ever done. I was literally sweating by the end.

The office chair wasn't what I'd initially envisioned but I can't find where I put the one I was going to use. That said, it is actually really fun because it has the monster truck's spring loaded key launcher play feature. After the photoshoot, I kept launching him across the table.

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