Impact (The Corps!) - Head and Hood
Dusty - Torso, Upper Arms
Jungle Viper - Legs
Anthony "Flash" Gambello - Lower Torso
Quilan Vos - Lower Arms
Sergeant Jyn Erso - Scarf

I think the Stealth Viper really grew out of wanting to use some parts I thought had potential together, and the character formed after I found pieces that were working well together. I've always liked OreoBuilder's updated Resurgence Viper design and wanted to include bits of it here, thinking maybe these guys are Vipers who just upgrade some of their equipment as needed out in the field. I see them as not just infiltrators, but assassins and saboteurs, intended to get behind enemy lines and cause as much chaos as possible to destabilize an area for a larger Shadow Brigade invasion. I wanted the hood, arm and leg wraps, and scarf to give them an Assassin's Creed vibe, the idea being maybe these toys were designed when Free Running/Parkour was at it's most popular. I was having fun with their giant guns, and put a silencer on it almost as a joke, sometimes it's doesn't really feel like COBRA if there's not something just a little ridiculous to it. Oh, and I also used my customizing super-secret on the Jungle-Viper knee pads... turn something upside down and it's almost like a brand new piece. I think Sam had a sketch he did that aligned very much to what I was working on for these guys. The rest of my stuff for this round were mostly updated existing Hasbro ideas, so as an all original endeavor the Stealth Vipers might be my favorite from this batch.

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