Night Creeper - Head, Headwrap, Hands, Armor, Legs
Snake Eyes - Torso, Arms

Sometime early on, when we were discussing a COBRA version of Night Force, it occurred to me the Strike Team - Urban Division from the repaint years was a great source. I had never liked the final look of a lot of those figures, so I used it as a starting point to "fix" some that I thought had potential. I was not a fan of the camo pattern on the Urban Night Creepers... I think that pattern is actually a naval/sea color scheme so I dropped it. At the same time, I knew we were going to have a lot of all black figures if we didn't do something to add some diversity to the look of all these night based characters. I tracked down a gray Snake-Eyes that shared the same mold as the 25th Night Creepers to minimize paint rub, and went with a dark brownish gray that I think worked pretty well. He was still just a little too plain when it occurred to me do go with a red visor, which turned out to just be that one little pop of color he needed. Once they were done, I knew I had to figure out how to bring in the Urban Division Storm Shadow design to our project...

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