Iron Man - Base Figure
Terminator T-800 - Arms, Ankles
COBRA B.A.T. - Forearms
COBRA B.A.T. V4 - Head, Legs
COBRA B.A.T. V3 - Blade Arms
Guavian Enforcer - Blaster Arm
Rocket Storm Falcon - Jump Pack

I was never a fan of the new sculpt era B.A.T.s. They looked too bulky and clunky, but the head designs were interesting. A lot of the figures and concepts from the RESURGENCE NIGHT FORCE projects tend to be translations of older figures into the more modern figure style, so it seemed like a good time to try to salvage what I liked about those transition era B.A.T.s and improve upon them. I've found the factory overstock Terminator figures to be a great source of robotic and mechanical "filler" parts, and they certainly came in handy here. Had I been braver, I think repainting the blue tech-lines into classic B.A.T. yellow/orange might have been fun, but as is I think the blue gives them a distinct look. I loved the idea of the digitigrade legs and the more slim build giving them a lot of speed and maneuverability most B.A.T.s lack, so giving them the big B.A.T.V3 sword arms seemed like a natural fit. The Falcon packback is there as a minibooster to help them make extra big leaps. At this point, their giant blaster arm seemed a little at odds with the rest of their design, but "rule of cool" reigned and it stayed just because I thought it looked neat.

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