Head/Helmet - Cobra Air Trooper v. 1
Body - Cobra Invasion Trooper
Vest - Arctic Viper

This is another custom from my "Blue Shirt Legion" Project. I wanted to fit the maroon Cobra Invasion Trooper somewhere into this Project. So, following HissHissFangFang's idea of "anti-Joe" Cobra characters, this guy became my "anti-Blowtorch" as the Cobra Fire Assault Trooper (yes, misspelled on the File Card, Destro's spell check must not have been working that day!).

This basically a parts/accessories swap. I removed the grenades from the Arctic Viper vest because I wasn't too sure how well they went with a "flamethrower" Trooper. I painted the helmet and backpack to match the uniform. The backpack is from Charbroil and the "flamethrower" is actually the water gun from Arctic Destro.

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