Head : BFS male blank - nodded w/Aves apoxie sculpt
Torso : G.I. Joe 25th Gung Ho - nodded w/balloon and Saddam armor
Arms : G.I.Joe Dusty
Legs : G.I.Joe Sky Duster
Hope : BFS Felonius

Zartan, as he calls himself now, was once an elite Nephilim soldier, his designation was 99. But, due to his uncontrollable, violent blood lust he was removed from the Nephilim order and imprisoned on a penal colony moon.
While imprisoned, 99 heard stories of an "Old Earth" villain that he instantly identified with. So, after shedding his former title, 99 now carries the name "Zartan".
With help from a few like minded deviants he met while incarcerated, Zartan managed to escape.
Now as captain of The Black Horizon, the most notorious pirate ship in the galaxy, and leader of the Drednoks, his former prison mates, Zartan is free...to do whatever he wants.

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