Head: Ares
Body: Baron Mordo
Cloak: Kylo Ren
Lightsaber: Scratch made from two oversized Corps tool handles (hammer, and screwdriver), wire, and a piece of red plastic solid tubing

When the Stargate opened a squadron of white clad soldiers stepped through. It was only the combined efforts of the Irish Rangers and the Iron Grenadiers that kept them from completely overtaking the Stargate location. However, once Darth Mrtyu stepped through the Iron Grenadiers suffered catastrophic losses. The onslaught of death only ceased when the undead infiltrated the base. The moment Darth Mrtyu saw the glazed yellow eyes of the undead he called for a hasty retreat. So hasty that over 25 Storm Troopers were left behind.

My first attempt at the 6" figure. I decided that a Sith Lord, being all black, would be the easiest to attempt.

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