Head: Thrasher v1
Arms: Dusty v1
Torso: Psyche-Out v3
Waist: Snake Eyes v4
Legs: Flint v2

Cobra Commander has heard stories of an unstoppable killer in Haddonfield Illinois and has sent a team to research the killer that seemingly runs on nothing but pure evil. Cobra hopes to harness this evil and exploit it.

I had never been a big fan of Thrasher's head for customs. So I decided to modify it and create something new with it. I first did a clown head on a still unfinished project and noticed that the face painted white could pass for a Michael Myers face. So I used another Thrasher head I had and using sanding sticks and sand paper I sanded off a lot of the hair and then cut in new lines for the hair. I also had to sand off a gun and some of the pockets on the legs, and I had to sand off the stripes on the waist piece. The torso had a strap going over the shoulder and chest down to the waist so I used a rotary tool to sand it down because sanding by hand wasn't going to work.

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