Body, arms, and lower legs - roc armored Scarlett
Thighs - helix
Head - some random storm shadow head I had in a box. I think it's from a roc figure.
Feet - 25th storm shadow original version
Pony tail off a padmae figure

I like this one, it's completely different than the one I'm working on for my ninja force set.

I am really fond of the rise of cobra (really both movies) joe armor (not necessarily the movie). That said it is a really simple parts swap of helix's thighs, a storm shadow head and feet. The weapons are from various ninja figures. The star is from Marauder shrunk and glued, the sash took a little cutting and glueing to fit right. I liked the original Jinx, it was one of my favorite figures. But, she didn't feel modern like she belonged on a futuristic fighting force.

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