Head: '89 Long Range
Arms: '85 Frostbite
Torso: '86 Haawk
Waist: Unknown
Legs: '87 Ice Viper

Snow Job has always been cool to me, but I never used the original figure much, as I don't particularly care for the mold. I think a big part of that was the head, which didn't have a cool removable helmet like Blizzard (my go to arctic guy as a kid). I had made a previous Snow Job figure using the Long Range head and really like how that had turned out, so when I decided to update the figure to join my '88 assortment of characters, I wanted to use the Long Range head again. In updating the figure, I wanted to keep the design rather simple, but change the colors up by introducing the light gray.

I wanted him to be able to haul all of his gear on his backpack, so I combined a Snow Job backpack with a Capt. Grid Iron pack. He can store his skis, poles, and rifle on the pack.

The skis themselves were in pretty rough shape, so I painted them a pale blue tying them in with the colors on the figure itself,

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