Head - 25th viper
Arms & legs - Snow Serpent
Body - I believe came from angel forge but, if not custom cast
Gun - MGR

I just recently started customizing again and found a box incomplete customs. This one was pretty much done and only need a little paint and shading. The Space Viper is the Preferred Cobra laser stopper of the Star Brigade.
Each Space Viper is taken from the Viper ranks, some personally by the Commander after spectacularly disastrous mission (as a reward I'm sure). Where they are given rigorous zero-g combat training.
The suit is pressurized and tear resistant with magnetic sensors built into the boots and gloves. The armored "core" of the suit contains all of the life support systems. The helmet contains the latest in Cobra HUD technology and can monitor all of the suits functions and give the operator access to the most recent Cobra combat AI.

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