Iron Grenadier (2003). Inspired by the fact that this exact figure was repainted into VvV's Black Dragon Ninja, and thus painted in a very similar color scheme.

File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Espionage
Birthplace: Classified (Presumed Japan)

Formerly a ninja of the Black Dragon Clan, this man defected not long after the clan swore loyalty to Cobra, becoming a nuke-nin (masterless ninja). Though he kept his uniform, he modified it to remove all symbols and references to Cobra or the Black Dragon, and donned a red mask to evoke the image of a daitengu crow spirit. Thus, he adopted the moniker Karasu - "crow".

While on a mission in Japan, the G.I.Joe ninja commandos met Karasu as he was fighting Black Dragon ninjas sent to kill the "traitor". Karasu was recruited due to his sense of righteousness and his animosity towards Cobra, and now trains in the Arashikage ninjutsu school under his new commanding officer and sensei: Snake Eyes. While under G.I.Joe, Karasu is often seen fighting alongside the ninja commandos Jinx, Tiger Claw, and his now-close friend Kamakura.

Karasu is proficient in no less than three forms of hand-to-hand combat (jujutsu, karate, kung fu), and is an expert in various bladed and blunt martial arts weapons, as well as small firearms, favoring pistols and submachine guns over the likes of rifles and launchers.

"He's a little scary when he's quiet, so he fits right in with the other ninjas. But every so often, even he finds the time to tell a good mission story."

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