Head and batons: Avengers End Game Domez figurine
Body: Capcom vs Black Widow

I've been fine with the production headsculpts for Black Widow up to now, but for End Game her hairstyle was so unique to that film I wanted capture it. drbindy did a fantastic job on sculpting and painting one. I thought I'd have to go that route myself until I came across the End Game Domez figurines at Target. I knew from the Captain Marvel ones I got for the kid, that even though the zero points of articulation mini statues are only 2 1/2" tall, their caricature style meant their heads are in scale with 1/18 figures.

I cut the dome off, cut the head off and dremeled it out. Not 100% likeness but close enough and a decent fit on the body. I took the batons off the figurine for good measure.

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