Hair: Marvel Universe- Spider-Woman
Head: Star Wars- Weequay
Torso, arms to forearm, legs to boots: Marvel Universe- Guardian
Robotic forearm/hand: Imaginext- John Stewart
Human forearm/hand: ROC Storm Shadow
Boots: Fisher-Price Adventure People Bearded Guy


Wreckage would have been a character in the next wave of GI Joe Extreme. Like most of the line, the figure's prototype look crazy, with Liefeldian proportions and an even larger robot hand. The promotional material didn't make it clear if Wreckage was intended to be a Joe or a member of SKAR. I guessed SKAR.


I went with the Guardian body because of its musculature, although it's not as massive as it really should be. For the oversized robot hand I used an Imaginext one, coated with bits of kibble for the techno look of the prototype. The boots are Fisher Price Adventure People ones.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the prototype image. In the photograph, it's not clear if the hand is white-ish, or if it's glare on the silver paint.


The stretched earlobes/earrings, hair, and forehead scar were removed. Mass was added to the neck and shoulders. The boots were chopped off and replaced.

Thanks for looking.

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