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Head: NS Frostbite V8 w/sculpted helmet
Torso above belt line: Star Wars- Han Solo
Arms: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Hands, draping for helmet: Star Wars- Qui-Gon Jinn
Waist, legs: Indiana Jones- Ugha Warrior
Feet: 25A Ace
Backpack: ARAH Low Light (knockoff?)


The first wave of Palitoy's Action Force figures featured "Desert Rat". It was a generic title the same way that it released "Mission Pilot" or "Frogman". The figure roughly depicted British World War Two forces that fought in northern Africa. I've renamed it "Sand Rat" as an individual/modern character.


The signature look of the feature was the exposed legs and shorts. If that would be worn today I don't know, but I updated it anyway. The Ugha Warrior legs were the starting point and then built around with pieces that worked. The Frostbite head was a last minute replacement for an Anakin Skywalker (wearing a 25A Hawk helmet) that looked too American.

Colors & Paint:

The yellowish tan of the uniform is based on the Palitoy figure. The helmet's neck draping and the t-shirt are done in tan. To keep from using too much tan on the figure, I went with green for the gear and utility belt. The skin tone was matched to the Ugha Warrior legs, plus orange hair.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The helmet is sculpted out of epoxy. It was the first time I've outright sculpted a helmet, and I'm pretty happy with it. The backpack straps are sculpted from tape, plus some kibble. The shorts are epoxy sculpted over the waist and legs, with tape added to create the pockets and edges.

Thanks for looking.

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