All (UNO): Dollar General Cobra Trooper (blue version)
Hands: FSS Pathfinder
Gonfalon: Cobra HISS Tank Driver (v1, 2010)
Rifle: Colonel Brekhov v2 (2005 Comic Pack #21)

This figure is part of my Cobra O13 set: a custom/kitbash companion/rival set for G.I. Joe "Original 13" of 1982--originally done in 25th Anniversary style, then with the Blueshirts converted to 30th Anniversary Style.

In its inception, the Cobra O13 set simply comprised of the Commander and 12 other 25th style Trooper & Officer army builders and Hasbro repaints-including the repaints done in Comic Colors (red masks, yellow accessories, bare hands, etc.). When I revamped the set as shown, I wanted to keep this comic-based repaint but find a way that Hasbro could have actually had this version exist along side the standard color scheme trooper, but as a "different" type of trooper. The guard MOS was then inspired by the comic books, with all the rallies and scenes at back at base.

The webgear colors started out as the original yellow painted with black wash left to dry, resulting in a nice tan. Next iteration (with original's gloves) had the webgear painted Testors Wood. Final iteration has gone all gold (Citadel Auric Armor Gold over Balthasar Gold), with semi-gloss black boots for a more polished and fancier look.

In my mind, the Cobra Guard is in all practicality the same as a Trooper-these guys are just assigned to base and get to wear the Standard Trooper fancy Rally/Parade gear more often. I even imagine the filecard to be identical to the Trooper, with only name and image different (ala other early Cobra figure/repaints).

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