All (UNO*): 2014 50th Cobra Trooper (gold shoulder insignia)

Head: 50th Beachhead or Steel Brigade (repainted)

Webgear: Dollar General Cobra Officer (repainted)

Rifle: Marvel 2011 Winter Soldier with Jet Pack (Captain America Series)

Backpack: 2007 25th General Hawk (or sim)

*Unless noted otherwise

Part of my Cobra O13 1982 Set, this is a tweak of the classic Hasbro Cobra Officer, 30th style, and a nod to Lt. Clay Moore from the cartoons.

I played up the silver (Citadel Leadbelcher, a darker silver) to make up for staying with red cobra chest symbol, which then matches with everyone else it the set (and not to upstage the Commander).

A big retcon I wanted to do with my O13 set is switch up the traditional rifle pairings of the Officer and Trooper. Back in 1982, The AK47 seemed to make sense for the Officer because from a toy designer sense it was cooler and bigger than the Hasbro Dragunov. In hindsight, rifles should likely be switched, since the AK47 is the more enemy standard issue, historically.

The Hasbro GI Joe line Dragunov mold feels too small and is not as impressive for this officer. The Capt America Winter Soldier mold might be a little oversized, but looks and feels more appropriate.

Also with this set, I wanted to try different masked head molds for different figures of the set, as a very subtle way of getting variation among this BlueShirt dominated set.

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