Body,Webgear, Helmet: 25th Ultimate Battlepack Short-Fuze
Head: 2004 (?) Comic 3Pack #3 Hawk, hollowed and painted
Weapon: M14 (25th Comic 2pack Crimson Guard, modded with stock from M14 from Maurader, & black twisty for strap)
Backpack: 25thGi Joe Hawk, painted
Binoculars: 30th POC Beachead webgear, with strap from vintage Duke binoculars
Visor: 25th figure ??, helmet modded with holes

Citadel Leadbelcher, Citadel Runefang Steel, Testors Flat Black

This figure is part of my GI Joe OG13 25th Classic Set, one of seven sets.

Early on, I went with the 25th Officer Pack Hawk build, to differentiate him from the rest of group, yet stay with the 25th builds. But in the end, I wanted to stay with the 25th O13 webgear look, so went back to the 25th Comic 2 Pack Hawk.

A few years later, in looking at the group together and wanting a taller Hawk and a shorter Short-Fuze, I switched their bodies, repainting their secondary and accent colors accordingly. Upper arms were modded at the elbows (as for all arms using the 25th Duke or Cobra figures) for increased angle of movement. There are probably better arms available, but I wanted to stay with early common parts where possible.

For the head, while the 25th two-pack Hawk's head was decent, it looked a little too old and psycho angry--and I always liked the 2004 two-pack Hawk head. I had also become more comfortable with the hollowing of 2004 Comic Pack figure heads for 25th body use, so the switch was made.

Regarding the weapon, I wanted to get an M-14 into someone's hands (as it is often noted on 82 file cards), but technically Hawk is not mentioned as qualified expert on his card. Still, it worked out for the group, and looked good and feels right for the figure.

The binoculars (originally part of the Grunt build from the two-pack Duke build) helped give the figure a field officer look and an artillery feel despite the shared build of many of my other OG13 figures, and is also inspired by panels from Issue one of the comic.

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