Head. Rampart v1
Chest. Frostbite v1
Arms. Frostbite v1
Waist. Sub-Zero v1
Thigh. Sub-Zero v1
Feet. Blizzard v1

Backpack & skis. Blizzard v1
Rifle. Footloose v1

Code name. Salt
File name. Salzburg, Hugo M
P.M.S. Arctic ski patrol
S.M.S. Rifleman
Birthplace. Fairbanks, Alaska
Grade. E-6 (Sergeant)
S.N. SHM-120-9012

Salt started his career in the arctic green shirts he's been a arctic green shirts for almost two years at this time he was on patrol with 15 other in 2 snow cats, a polar battle bear, a Havoc & a arctic vamp.

Salt was sitting on the back of a snow cat using a satellite phone to his girlfriend who is back at the Pit both are talking when they was a explosion Salt was blown of the back hit his head on a rock while still holding the phone.

At the other end his other half was is in the recreation room 2 & sitting next to Dusty who was reading a newspaper & overhearing the hole conversation heard everything got up grabbed her hand & said "come with me" she replied "NO" Dusty looked at her & replied "do you want everyone to live" she got up both ran out nearly knocking Beach-Head over.

A few minutes later both ran into communication centre Dusty sew Mainframe who is getting a coffee told & gave him the phone which is still on which you can hear gunfire & explosions over the phone he rush back to his seat, Back to the arctic Salt has been knocked out for over 23 minutes cobra had won the battle Major Bludd just about to kill Blizzard when Salt come too he jump into the path of the bullet three minutes later three X-30 conquest roar over & joe's reinforcements show up Major Bludd & a few other made a fun for it Salt & a few other wounded air lifted out a few hours later back at the Pit.

General Hawk came to see him after a week along with Blizzard, Blizzard said thank you for taking the bullet & General Hawk gave him a spot within the Jos as Salt girlfriend sitting next to him asleep.

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