Head. Leatherneck v3
Chest. Duke v8
Arms. Side-Track v1
Waist. Duke v8
Left thigh. Dusty v4
Right thigh. Big Brawler v1
Feet. Side-Track v1

Backpack. Dusty v4
Rifle. Unknown

Code name. Kush
File name. Giminski, Eugene K
P.M.S. Urban Ranger
S.M.S. Rifleman
Birthplace. Brooklyn, New York City
Grade. E-5 (Sergeant)
S.N. GKE-190-01902

Was in a street gang from the ago of 11 until 21 for 11 years saw some of his friends killed by other street gangs in the city he managed to get him self out of if after his sister was killed be for she died she made him promise to get out & make a life for him self after that she died in him arms in the middle of the road on a rainy night.

6 months later left the gang joined the army & started to make a name for himself he has gang tattoo on his back & the name of his sister on his right arm a friend in the same unit as him asked what dose that tattoo mean he said it his sister name something to remember her by & the promise I made her.

3 years have gone by since he joined the army on this day every one was in combat training for the afternoon
everyone in the unit hated hand to hand training as he always came out on top because of him street gang skills.

On this day General Hawk & Scarlett who has been secretly been keeping tabs on him was paying the base a visit Kush commander called him over & introduced him to Hawk & Scarlett all three started talking Hawk told him that he's planning to make a new unit called Urban Rangers & wanted him in it & they know all about his background.

3 weeks later Kush was in a hand to hand fight with 2 Alley-Vipers he came out on top with Alley-viper Knife imbedded in his anti-stab vest he had Lifeline & Roadblock watching

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