Upper body, arms: 25th Comic 2-Pack Rock'n'Roll
Head: FSS Topside, head shaved to fit helmet
Helmet: 25th Zap or Shockwave
Lower Torso: 25th Copperhead, modded, shaved
Lower legs: 25th Zap
Machine Gun: 2004 Comic 3-Pack Classified Snake Eyes
Belt: 25th Box set Snake Eyes, harness cut
Ammo belts: 2011 POC Iron Grenadier, shells cut short and repainted.
Backpack harness: 30th 7-Pack Falcon
Backpack: 25th 5-Pack Flint

Body: Testors Dark Green
Belt, boots: Testors Leather

This figure is part of my GI Joe OG13 25th Classic Set, one of seven OG13 sets in my collection, and is one of two major figure rebuilds of the set (Steeler being the other figure).

Along with Steeler, Hasbro's 25th RnR versions as produced were very disappointing, and took the most work to get to an acceptable version. My biggest issues with all Hasbro releases were that they were too short and the Duke legs used were too small and skinny. Switching to Zap legs helped, but the figure was still looked small next to Breaker and Grunt (and shorter than Flash). Using the original 25th Clutch head would have also helped, but made his body look undersized.

Using the Copperhead lower torso gave the figure the height needed, and generally had the right sculpting, but a lot of carving down had to happen, especially at the crotch. Also, the holes in the upper legs for the ball bar need to be re-drilled and reset to close the gaps in the hip cavities. I know the gloves are off-model with the vintage figure, but they came with the arms, and work well enough with the figure and with the group.

To complete the RnR growth project, I got a Club Topside head off an ebay seller. The head mold's hair had to be cut down to fit into a medium Zap sized helmet and could use just a little bit more beard growth, but looks good and completes the overhead figure height I was looking for.

Last major revision was the ammo belts. With the taller torso, the original ammo belts were too short. Now generally the ammo belts Hasbro had been including with 25th and later figures were too large. But there is a version of the mold-a slight variation--that had running indentation near the back of the shells. This indentation makes for a great cut line to resize the shells more appropriately.

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