2007 Cobra Trooper (or similar repack) torso and upper arms;
2008 Wild Bill (or similar repack) lower arms;
2007 Star Wars Comic Pack Grand Moff Tarkin head
2009 Movie 2-Pack Tunnel Rat legs
2009 Rise of Cobra Dr. Rex coat
RexLace for the tie.

Paints: Testors Flat White, Citadel Celestra Grey, Citadel Kantor Blue

This figure is part of my 1982 O13 Cobra set, a custom/kitbash companion/rival set for G.I. Joe "Original 13" of 1982, done in 25th and 30th Anniversary style.

When my custom Baroness came together nicely, I thought that Dr. Venom would work well flanking the Commander, opposite of the Baroness. So I tried to kitbash my own version with cheap figures in my fodder bin-using the Collector's Club figure and similar custom figures saved to this site as a basis.

One regret I have with this figure and the Baroness is that they use early 25th figure parts, whereas all the others are rebuilt with later 30th figure parts-but I don't think there are better 30th figure parts for these particular figure builds at this time.

This figure has no direct analogue to the Joe 1982 O13 figures and characters, but based on the comics he makes a decent"rival" to Snake Eyes (prior to the arrival of Storm Shadow), and narrowly makes the 1982 cut through his appearance in Comic issue #10.

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