Head. Frostbite v3
Chest. Stretcher v1
Arms. Frostbite v1
Waist. Beach-Head v2
Thighs. Blizzard v1
Feet. Frostbite v1

Backpack. Dusty v4
Rifle. Unknown

Code name. Husky
File name. Budinski, Leonard K
P.M.S. Infantry
S.M.S. Rifleman
Birthplace. Rouses Point, New York
Grade. E-4 (Corporal)
S.N. KBL-010-1009

The last photo is what I've been using on some of my customs paint in a pen these things are good

From the age 8 to 18 Husky, his farther & his uncle would go to Alaska for arctic survival training in the holidays this went on for 11 years each time he came back with something new learned.

As soon as he graduate from collage he signed up to the army hoping to get posted somewhere cold how ever that didn't happen straight away & when it did he just showed off his skills. How ever unknown to him his uncle was none other then Snow Job, Snow Job has told General Hawk about him & the rest is history.

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